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How to Change My Pass Word to my wireless network Please

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How to Change My Pass Word to my wireless network Please

I tried using xfinity to help me but they keep wanting me to purchase more stuff from them every time I call or need help. I pay $65.00 already for their internet service plus extra for support but when I contact them they want me to buy their wireless network.

When  you say NO they don't help you.


How can i change my password so others aren't using my wifi with out my permission.

Help Please.


Thank You so much for your help and your time.







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Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: How to Change My Password to my wireless network

(This is the wrong board for home networks.)


What model wireless router do you have?

This should have documentation on how to set it.


What HP devices (PCs, laptops and printers) do you have connected and what Windows version?