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How to clear log and NTP question

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Wilfrid Burel
Frequent Advisor

How to clear log and NTP question

Hi All

I'd like to know how to clear a HP 2524 switch log. Iv'e tried "log clear" but all information in the log are still here !

Thanks for the information.

Another question is : I've set up this switch to get its time from a ntp server. When I saved the same setup on all other switches, the time changed and was correct ! On this switch (same setup, same os, same firmware...) whane i save setup nothing append. The time still stay on 1990. It seems the switch didn't take care of the new setup.
Nothing in the log..

Any idea ?

Setup :
NTP server, unicast on an IP adresse.
Default temporisation..

Thanks for any help
Les Ligetfalvy
Esteemed Contributor

Re: How to clear log and NTP question

Cold boot the switch to clear the log.

As for NTP, check all the IP settings to make sure it can talk to the NTP time source.
Wilfrid Burel
Frequent Advisor

Re: How to clear log and NTP question

Thanks for the IDea ! There was no Default gateway in the switch.
Now it works.

For the log is there a command ? I can't cold reset nor warm reset the switch !