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How to configure more VLANs on HP ProCurve 3400

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How to configure more VLANs on HP ProCurve 3400

We have several HP ProCurve 3400 switches that all have configured the same default VLAN with one private IP subnet. All switches are connected over stacking cable.

Now we want to configure two of the switches to use a new IP subnet. All traffic from this new IP subnet should be routed to the IP subnet of the default VLAN.

First I configured a new VLAN ("vlan 1") on the two switches. Next I assigned a new IP subnet to "vlan 1". From "vlan 1" I tried to ping an IP address in the default VLAN but I received no response. IP routing is enabled on all switches. The default VLAN also exists on the two switches on that "vlan 1" are configured.

What have I forgotten to configure?
Could anyone help me please!
Mohieddin Kharnoub
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Re: How to configure more VLANs on HP ProCurve 3400


There are some rules in Stacking which you should consider:
1- When using stacking in a multiple-VLAN environment,then Stacking uses only the primary VLAN on each switch in a stack.

2- All switches in a particular stack must be in the same IP subnet because: A stack cannot cross a router.

3- If VLANs are enabled on the switches you want to include in the stack,then the ports linking the stacked switches must be on the primary VLAN in each switch.

In your Scenario, you can't configure 2 of the stacked switched to have different IP Subnet FOR VLAN1, keep vlan 1 (or the default vlan) in each switch with the same subnet.

What you can do is after you keep the Default vlan (vlan 1) in the same subnet, create more vlans like vlan2,3 ... with different ip subnet, then tag these Vlans on the link between switches.

Good Luck !!!
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Matt Hobbs
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Re: How to configure more VLANs on HP ProCurve 3400

You only need to have one of your 3400's with ip routing enabled and an IP address configured on that new VLAN.

So on the switch that you want to be a router:

3400-router(config)# vlan 2
3400-router(vlan-2)# ip address

Next you need to 'tag' the switch to switch links for this vlan, if your 3400's are connecting to each other on ports 24,25 then you would use this command:

3400-router(vlan-2)# tagged 24,25

For any PC's, they will need an untagged port... if you want ports 5-10 on VLAN 2:

3400-router(vlan-2)# untagged 5-10
3400-router(vlan-2)# wr mem

Next on your other 3400's, you simply create the VLAN, tag the uplink ports, and untag the ports you want hosts on.

3400-edge(config)# vlan 2
3400-router(vlan-2)# tagged 25
3400-router(vlan-2)# untagged 1-20
3400-router(vlan-2)# wr mem.

Your hosts will set their default gateway as the IP address you configured on the main 3400.