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How to open Procurve 23xx/25xx ?

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How to open Procurve 23xx/25xx ?


I've recently bought a Procurve 2324 for home use, and was wondering if anyone knew how to open the unit - the reason for this is that the fan is too noisy,and I'd like to replace it with a quieter one!

Looking at it from the front, there are two screws on the left side that I can take off, but I can't seem to slide the top cover off. Are there any other screws that need to be taken off?

I know this would invalidate the warranty, but I guess it's not under warranty since I bought it second hand anyway..

Really hope you can help me :)
Stuart Teo
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Re: How to open Procurve 23xx/25xx ?

I'd strongly suggest that you call HP's Customer Care Center to complain about the problem. Maybe they have a quieter fan for you?

p/s: the fan on our 2524s are driving us nuts too. :)
If a problem can be fixed, there's nothing to worry. If a problem can't be fixed, worrying ain't gonna help. Bottom line: don't worry.
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Re: How to open Procurve 23xx/25xx ?

Thanks, I will give this a go.. but I'm not too hopeful, since I won't be covered under the warranty...!!
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Re: How to open Procurve 23xx/25xx ?


This will indeed void your warranty, but anyway....
The two screws on the left need to be unscrewwd then remove the plastic cover. (slides to the left, then lift) Then you have to remove 6 screws from the coverplate and just lift it out.
And like magic....there is the mainboard with fan.
The fan is unscrewwed from the back with 2 black screws and the connector on the mainboard.
Have fun....