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Howto? VLAN of 2 x Cisco 1242 > 2626-PWR

Alex Ver Elst
Occasional Contributor

Howto? VLAN of 2 x Cisco 1242 > 2626-PWR

I'd like to supply 2 Cisco Air-Ap1242 in 2 locations ( Open wireless ) but have it in a VLAN enviroment on its own subnet and dhcp only for those to Cisco's direct to a proxy ( for Students and Visitors with there own laptops etc - Don't want them to beable to access any Servers etc )

Is it possible in the 2626-PWR switch to do this

Mohieddin Kharnoub
Honored Contributor

Re: Howto? VLAN of 2 x Cisco 1242 > 2626-PWR


The 2600 can do more than that :)

You need multiple Vlans to be created on the 2600 and enable routing if you want, then run a DHCP server with multiple scopes and insert the helper address to that DHCP server.

Now test with a normal PC then connect the AP to a port tagged to both Vlans.

More complicated scenario can be achieved also based on 802.1x with Dynamic Vlan assignment and RADIUS server, and in this case you have more control on the resources that anyone can access.


Controlling the traffic From/To needs ACLs that is not availble on the 2600 series.

Other security features can be used in your case but it depend on your scenario, so i suggest you have a look here:

Good Luck !!!

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