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Hp 2910al Cisco ASA 5510 routing help ...

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Hp 2910al Cisco ASA 5510 routing help ...


I need some validation/help regarding the routing using a Procurve 2910al-48G, Procurve 2510-48G and Cisco ASA 5510 firewall.

Here is my vlan list:
mgmt (ip:, tag:101)
vmkernel (ip:, tag:103)
servers (ip:, tag:105)
workstations (ip:, tag:107)

I created the vlan in both switches (2910al and 2510). Then I did the "ip routing" command on the 2910al, and also the "ip route".

My firewall, Cisco ASA 5510 as the ip

I want to keep the routing in the 2910al. Is this supposed to be a working configuration ? I have some problem, and I want to make sure that the switch configuration are fine.

thanks !
cenk sasmaztin
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Re: Hp 2910al Cisco ASA 5510 routing help ...

please send me your switch show run print