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Hp Procurve 1800-24g Strange Vlan Behaviour

Arno VIlen2
Occasional Visitor

Hp Procurve 1800-24g Strange Vlan Behaviour


I have noticed very strange behaviour when I am trying to maintain Vlan port-assignments.

When i change port from vlan to other vlan, sometimes vlan 11 just isn't there anymore on ports i assigned it to.

I hav vlans as follows

1 Default
3 port 3 and 24
12 ports 22 and 23
11 rest of ports

Only port 1 is tagged and vlans 3,11 and 12 are "trunked" to it coming fom Cisco:s router.

I have tried to boot the switch but vlan settings just go crazy... Are there any firmware uodates coming soon ?