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Hp communicaiton with CISCO switch

Tejal Pandya
Occasional Visitor

Hp communicaiton with CISCO switch


I have two VLANs on the HP switch vlan 100 for the PCs and VLAN 501 Uplink to the CISCO switch. I tagged the port on the HP side and I am using dot1q tagging on the cisco port. I still am not able to ping from a PC on the HP side to the rest of my network and vise versa. Any clues in this regard is appriciated.
Mohieddin Kharnoub
Honored Contributor

Re: Hp communicaiton with CISCO switch


Where are you doing the routing ? is it on ProCurve Side or Cisco Side.

If you are not doing routing on HP side that means you have to do the routing scenario on Cisco side, otherwise you need an external router to do that.

If you are doing routing between Vlan100 - Vlan501 on HP side, then you check the gateway of your PCs.

If they are located on Vlan100, then Vlan100's IP address should be their default gateway, then check parameters on Vlan501 side.

If you have any doubt about Tagging between ProCurve and Cisco, you can test to ping from Vlan501 from side to another.

If you need more information, just explain your setup more.

Good Luck !!!
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Jonathan Axford
Trusted Contributor

Re: Hp communicaiton with CISCO switch

Might be worth checking if you are using the right cable to, its caught me out before, Cisco switches need cross over cables when connecting between devices, HP switches don;t mind as the ports will auto sense this....
Where there is a will there is a way...
Tejal Pandya
Occasional Visitor

Re: Hp communicaiton with CISCO switch

Thanks. I still haven't been able to get VLAN 100 communicate with the CISCO side. Somehow VLAN 100 info is not passed onto the CISCO side. I am assuming that HP switch does static routing between VLANs. Do I have to type additional commands to get the two VLANs to talk to each other?