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Hub emulation on Procurve 4000? W2K NLB

Occasional Advisor

Hub emulation on Procurve 4000? W2K NLB

I know this sounds silly but is there a way to setup a vlan and then have it emulate a hub as opposed to a switch on a procurve 4000? The reason I need to do this is because I'm trying to setup windows 2000 load balancing. It's a simple config with 2 front end web servers each having 1 front-end and 1 back-end NIC. Everything is configured properly but only the first server is receiving http hits to the web server via the virtual IP. I read some troubleshooting tips that recommend connecting the load balanced nodes to a plain hub and then connecting the hub to a switch because switches sometimes cause erratic behavior because of the way they handle the mac address and segmentation. Anyone else successfully setup Windows 2000 NLB using a procurve 4000? I guess I could also just go out and buy a generic 100MB hub but I would like to utilize my procurves if possible.

Thx!! Dave
Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: Hub emulation on Procurve 4000? W2K NLB

I think the closest you can come is to set the switch's arp table timeout to a very low figure. Then it will forget where everybody is and will have to flood the packets out all the ports like a hub would do. I have no idea if that would help what you are trying to do.