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IDM 3.01 Show user Session Information

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IDM 3.01 Show user Session Information

Good Morning,

I have a problem with IDM (V3.01 update2) regarding The Session Information for a User" Windows. In this windows, the field IP address (refering to the user Ip Address) is always empty.

This field doesn't appear in the result of The command "show port-access authenticator client [] detailled".

All the others fields (Username, Mac-address, Is active, Login Count, ...) are OK.

Is it a normal behavior, or is there a problem in my configuration (Switch, radius,IDM)

Thanks for your help
Javed Padinhakara
Respected Contributor

Re: IDM 3.01 Show user Session Information

Has the user successfully obtained the IP address from the switch? ( quick 'ipconfig' on the client would confirm this..)

This has been observed when the client(end-user) has not obtained the IP address after connecting to the switch, due to the way it IP address gets assigned to it...DHCP etc..

Jst check on those lines...


ps:- Noticed that you have joined recently and hence thought will share an important etiquette followed in the forum - assign points on scale (1-10) to people trying to help by answering your queries; its an appreciation for the time they spend in responding to your questions.