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IDM and Web authentication

IDM and Web authentication


Is it possible to use web authentication on a J9001A wireless module in collaboration with IDM to allocate vlans to authenticated users ? Or are these 2 approaches mutually exclusive ? I have set up my J9001A wlan to use web authentication, but this dumps the user into the default vlan. Can I then use IDM to redirect the user to a different, more restricted vlan ?


Sietze Reitsma
Respected Contributor

Re: IDM and Web authentication


You can use Radius to set a dynamic vlan for a specific user/group. IDM makes it much easier to configure a Radius server (MS IAS, Funk Steelbelted or Freeradius).

Besides setting a dynamic Vlan, you are also able to set a dynamic ACL and/or bandwidth limit per user.

In IDM all these attributes can differ on the time and/or location you log on. For example: if I log on between 8.00pm-7.00am I can only enter the Internet. During the day I also have access to other resources in the network.