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IDM vlan switch and dhcp

Emanuele Ruffini
Occasional Visitor

IDM vlan switch and dhcp

we have installed HP Procurve Manager an IDM on our network, as switch we have two: a 5412ZL on the first floor and a 4108GL on the second floor.
The problem was born whit vlan swap: when user connect a cable the switch put them into vlan 70 guest, assign the ip address for this vlan 10.170.0.x, then after 802.1q auth is succesfully made the vlan is correctly switced to the right vlan, but the ip address on the client is not renewed. E: user pluto sucvcessfly auth on vlan 20 the ip address is not renewed to 10.120.0.x class until ipconfig /release-renew is not made. This happen 8 times on 10 login attemp.

Have you news about. i attach little LAN draw and 5412 and 4108 running config.
Kyle Massey

Re: IDM vlan switch and dhcp

This is typically a problem with Windows XP.. it is fixed in windows Vista and 7.