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IGMP Snooping on HPE 5900 and 5100 switches

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IGMP Snooping on HPE 5900 and 5100 switches


Hi All,

I haven't worked with IGMP snooping much, other than to simply enable it on switches/VLANs and set one of the switches as Querier. I find that it then just works with little interferance from me.

Recently, I turned IGMP snooping on in one of my clients environments on a Multimedia VLAN. All devices in the same VLAN, very basic setup. I simply turned IGMP snooping on at the switch stack level and on the VLAN in question, set the core as Querier, and all worked well.

Physical environment overview is: 2 x 5900 IRF stacked as Core, multiple 5100 IRF stacks as Distribution/Access. 10Gig fiber LACP trunks between Core and Distribution/Access.

After working for a few weeks, the endpoint devices started having issues where the TV channel change (multicast group join) was being performed, but the multicast data was no longer being received, but only on certain channels/groups. To the customer, it appeared that the TV only had a limited number of channels. Very strange.

When I removed the IGMP snooping configuration from the access stack, the signal was again received and all worked correctly.

I removed the IGMP Snooping setup from all of the access switch stacks and all of the TVs then received, and changed, Multicast data correctly.

Testing from my laptop, in the Multimedia VLAN, I noted that there is no increase in data unless accessing one of the Multicast groups, in which case, the bandwidth use increase is an expected amount (between 10Mbps and 40Mbps depending on the stream) and leaving the Multicast group brings the bandwidth utilization back to a minimal level.


I left the IGMP Snooping settings on the Core switch:


vlan 2056     

  igmp-snooping enable

 pim-snooping enable

 igmp-snooping querier


interface Vlan-interface2056

   description Multimedia

   ip address

   pim sm

   igmp enable



My question is, is the configuration described above a valid setup for the HPE switch environment described? As all appears to be working correctly with IGMP Snooping only placed on the VLAN and SVI of the core switch, am I done? Or is there additional configuration required to meet best practice?

TIA for any assist.