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IN5699 Modem

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IN5699 Modem

Since I have purchased the DX6100 MT I can not get the netcomm internal modem to work. I can make it work on another model computer buit not this one.
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Re: IN5699 Modem

Hi Kon,

I have a few questions for you to see if we can get your modem to work.
1) Does this work with hyperthreading disabled? This modem appears to have been manufactured before Intel hyperthreading technology was available and the drivers may not work in a hyperthreading environment. Disable hyperthreading in F10 Setup, Advanced->Power-On Options
2) Have you tried the latest drivers for this modem?
3) What was the exact model of the other computer that this modem worked on?
4) What operating system are you using?
5) Does it make a difference if this card is put in a different PCI slot?
6) Do you see any difference if you change IRQ settings? Do this in F10 Setup, Advanced->PCI Devices.

Hope this of some help,

I am an HP Employee.