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IP KVM 3x1x16 Console Switch

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IP KVM 3x1x16 Console Switch

Hi there,

I am having some small problems with this ip kvm switch.

I have connected an 8 port expansion to one of it ports, connected servers to it and it is working fine thus it is not listed in the cascading switch. Is this normal since it is an expansion and not a switch?

Also once that a server is not any more connected to the ip kvm and has been replaced by an other server; i.e. different mac address and server name, the old server is still being listed in the list of servers. I have done a rysnc and still it gave me the old servers which are not even connected to the kvm. Is there a way to remove the old servers; i.e. clear history?

Also, does any one found the service manual of the product? I spend several hours on the net looking for it and only been able to find the installation manual. The normal path to find the drivers, firmware and manuals will lead you to a nice ending saying â there are no updates for this productâ . Hope u can help me with this.

Thanks for your help

Glenn N Wuenstel
Valued Contributor

Re: IP KVM 3x1x16 Console Switch

Hello Pi,
First you are correct that an 8 port expansion module won't display in the cascading list. The module is simply a 'dumb' device. Note that you can only cascade one level, so don't try to hook another module below that first one.
Second, there are two ways to remove the now disconnected servers. From the IP Console software you can do a Resync and do NOT check the include offline adapters check box. This will then show you a list of devices added/changed/removed. The other way is from the 'Print Scrn' GUI. Run diagnostics and when it is finished it will list offline adapters and have a button to the right labeled 'Clear'. Click the 'Clear' button and the offline adapters will no longer appear.
Lastly, the manual can be found at:

On that page, you will find a link for the hardware and IP Console documentation.

Hope this helps,
Frequent Advisor

Re: IP KVM 3x1x16 Console Switch

Thanks Glenn for your help and support. You have answered my questions.