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IP KVM and LDAP authentication

Frequent Advisor

IP KVM and LDAP authentication


I'm currently trying to configure an HP IP KVM switch (2x1x16) for our lab environment using LDAP authentication.

We have three DCs for our AD environment. Domain is ' head.active '.

In the tree structure under the DC, the users are found under ' Management Services ' > ' User Services '.

The user I'm trying to configure the LDAP with is:
First name; Test
Last name; User

I understand that after 'Search DN : ' I would type: ' cn=Test User,ou=User Services,ou=Management Services,dc=head,dc=active '

Am I missing something crucial here?
Does the IP KVM not work with users located anywhere but cn=Users ?

I hope I've done a good enough job explaining. If I need to add anything, please tell me so, really do need to get this up and running.

Thank you for your time and considerations.