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IP Routing between VLANs

Joshua Bahnsen
Occasional Advisor

IP Routing between VLANs

We are trying to get two VLANs to communicate to each other. One VLAN has voice traffic and a server that hands out the IPs to the phones and the other VLAN has a server that does likewise. Everything on the system is working except we cannot figure out how to get packets to be able to go between the VLANs.

We are using a ProCurve 2650-PWR as our primary switch with the 2 VLANs.

VLAN1 has an ip address and VLAN2 has ip address dhcp-bootp. We have tried this with IP routing on and off with no difference between the two. The gateway to the server for VLAN2 is and we have tried putting that in the default-gateway field as well as

I believe IP routing is supposed to be off, but I am unsure how to get the 2 VLANs to start talking to eachother. Please help me on this.

Joshua Bahnsen
Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: IP Routing between VLANs

Hi Joshua,

In the most simple example, you would enable 'ip routing' and assign static IP addresses to each VLAN (not sure if DHCP addresses will work but I wouldn't recommend you rely on DHCP for a gateway address anyway).

Your clients default gateways would point to the 2650's IP address of the VLAN that they're on.

2650(config)#ip routing
2650(config)#vlan 1
2650(vlan-1)#ip address
2650(vlan-1)#untagged 1-25
2650(vlan-1)#vlan 2
2650(vlan-2)#ip address
2650(vlan-2)#untagged 26-50
2650(vlan-2)#wr mem

Jason Luckett
Frequent Advisor

Re: IP Routing between VLANs

Hi Joshua,

As an addition if you require the use of IP addresses being allocated across VLANs, if the vlans are on different subnets ie:


You can create DHCP scopes that will cover allocations to both VLANs and add the following to the VLAN interface:

2650(vlan-1) ip helper-address w.x.y.z (ip address of DHCP server on the other vlan)

I hope this helps.


Joshua Bahnsen
Occasional Advisor

Re: IP Routing between VLANs

I tried out a few things and discovered a solution. I appreciate your guy's help in educating me. The solution I ended up using was to use one of the open ports from the router and programmed it to be on VLAN2, we used that port then to do our communications through and everything is working now.

Thanks again for taking time to help me out with my problems.

Joshua Bahnsen