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IP version 6

Peter Colsch
Occasional Contributor

IP version 6

Is there a location on the HP website where I can get information regarding which HP switches with layer 3 support include support for IP version 6. Also, would be very nice to know which of these switches currently do not have IPv6 support but which HP expects to provide firmware updates which will enable it.

Looking at purchasing some HP equipment with layer 3 capability, but don't want it to be out-of-date before I get it installed.
Hemanth Gurunath Basrur
Honored Contributor

Re: IP version 6

Hello Peter,

Thanks for considering to purchase from HP.

Refer to the foll. links for information on HP switches:



Well, regarding whether the switches have IPv6 support, please contact HP support or ask your nearest HP vendor.


Lee Hundley
Valued Contributor

Re: IP version 6

Given the current deployment state of IPv6, I doubt theres more than a handful of switches that are capable of this. Even most of Cisco's gear uses the device's CPU (as opposed to an embedded ASIC) for IPv6 packet processing and routing (and in turn it can be quite slow under load). A quick search shows that Juniper is most likely top dog for IPv6 support if you've got the pocketbook. Until the protocol gains popularity, you may want to consider using a Linux or better yet (personal opinion) a BSD based machine for the packet routing. BSD uses the KAME IPv6 stack and has proven to be quite solid.
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