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Implementing Q in Q

Martin Odenthal
Occasional Contributor

Implementing Q in Q


I am trying to implement Q in Q in our network and want to make sure I have the configuration of my 3500yl switch correct.

We have a HP 3500yl switch with the premium service license installed.

We have placed the switch in QinQ svlan mode.

I have port 41 as a provider port in s-vlan 41 tagged

I have port 4 as a customer port in s-vlan 41 untagged

I have a pc/switch which tags packets vlan 10 plugged into port 4 of the procurve

I also have a qinq aware device plugged into port 41

I just want to make sure that to get vlans double tagged I need single tagged packets entering the switch on the customer port 4 and that they will become double tagged when leaving port 41.

Can anyone confirm this is the correct way to implement this please. I have attached a diagram showing the set up.

Please don't point me to the QinQ document as I have configured this based on what I have seen there but want somebody who has configured this to tell me whether I am doing the right thing.