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Inherited ProCurve 93xx

Simon young_1
Occasional Visitor

Inherited ProCurve 93xx

Hi all,

I have no experience with HP's CLI, however I am lucky enough to have inherited a 93xx Layer 3 switch. My problem is I will need to clear down its current config and return it to some kind of factory default, removing any IP, VLAN etc details in the running config. Its been inherited in its previous working state with all its config still set.I assume its similar to cisco IOS where startup config can be re-loaded into running config?
Im convinced the startup config is a copy of the running config, so it will not help copying startup into running. How can I reset this swithc back to a clean slate?
I would really appreicate any help,

Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: Inherited ProCurve 93xx


Has all the manuals on the beast.

From the command line in priv mode you can say:

erase startup-config

then reboot with: