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Interconnecting switches

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Charles Edmondson
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Interconnecting switches

I have a 2324 switch and have outgrown it, I have an extra 2324 swtich. Basically I want both switches to act like better hubs. I know the 2324 has auto-mdix ports. So can I just plug a straight through cable from #1 to #2? I know the switches are unmanaged so they shouldn't have an IP address right, or would they have picked one up from my DHCP server. so basically will a 2324 to WS to 2324 to WS topology work.

Thanks in advance
Ron Kinner
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Re: Interconnecting switches

Just connect them together with a straight cable and it should work fine assuming you are not trying to do VLANs or anything fancy.

They don't need IP addresses to work. IP addresses just allow you to control them remotely or to get SNMP data from them. They may very well pick up IP addresses from your DHCP server but it is usually best to use static IPs for things like switches so you can find them easily.

You are creating a minor bottleneck when you connect them this way. The connection between them will be limited to 100 full. If two hosts on #1 want to talk to two hosts on #2 at the exact same time then they will have to share the link so can only get about 50Mb/s each instead of a full 100. So try to get your heavy hitters on the same switch with their main correspondents.

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Re: Interconnecting switches

The other option is to look at picking up the stacking kit (J4116A). Whilst it won't provide management stacking in this case (23xx's are unmanaged), it will give you a gig link between the two switches, using up one transceiver port on each.

The stacking kits are also ALOT less expensive than buying gig transceivers.