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Internet sharing for Vlans

Eskinder Mesfin
Occasional Advisor

Internet sharing for Vlans

Dear HP forum members!
Last time i post information about vlan setup and you helped me a lot and i made it but now my company want to purchase a firewall and i want to configure this fire wall how do i configure this firewall to offer internet connectivity to my vlan?can i configure static route on the firewall rather than on the router becouse i can not touch the ISP routers!!!

cenk sasmaztin
Honored Contributor

Re: Internet sharing for Vlans

hi Eskinder
I watch a few day your post

your solution add static route on internet router because static running mutual
your switch and your internet router

noting to do other solition

Trevor Commulynx
Regular Advisor

Re: Internet sharing for Vlans

Have you asked the ISP to add the routes?

Have you discussed your options with ISP now that you want to add a firewall to the scenario because if you add the firewall, without any involvment from your ISP you are going to have 2 outcomes:

-You will need to add routes on the ISP router for you existing entworks that are behind the Firewall
-You have to NAT all your networks behind the firewall and add routing to the Firewall for your VLAN's.