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Intervlan Communication not happening

Occasional Contributor

Intervlan Communication not happening



I am in the process of testing my network implementation, during that inter vlan communication is not happening.


Steps i have followed:

1.Created vlan 10 and 11 with below ip address


interface Vlan-interface1
ip address
interface Vlan-interface10
ip address
interface Vlan-interface11
ip address



The abpve IP's will be the default gateway of two host .


I am able to reach Switch from both hosts but not host to host.


Kindly help me



Trusted Contributor

Re: Intervlan Communication not happening

Maybe the conflicting subnets on VLAN 10 & 11 don't help?


How are the hosts themselves configured? Default Gateway?

What does the traceroute show?

Occasional Contributor

Re: Intervlan Communication not happening

HI Vince,


Its because of the confilicting subnets. Now i am able to do intervlan routing. Thank you so much for your valuable input.


But I have one more doubt with respect to subnet using VLSM, can vlsm be done only by higher host to lower host requirement?