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Intgrating HP Web Auth + FreeRadius + ADS

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Intgrating HP Web Auth + FreeRadius + ADS


Iam trying to Intgrating HP Web Auth + FreeRadius + ADS.


WebAuth + Accounts in Free Radius server is working

NOT Working :

Web Auth + ADS accounts thro Radius. Any help

Iam using ntlm auth. there is no issues with ADS + Radius integration because my SSl vpn uses this login and it works fine. Seems some configuration to be done on HP Switch. Help.

Note :The similar setup i have SSL VPN + FreeRadius + ADS - ITS WORKING WITH NO ISSUES

Bruce Campbell_3
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Re: Intgrating HP Web Auth + FreeRadius + ADS

I tested the Procurve 2650 web auth
with Active Directory. It does not
work, because passwords in AD are
irreversibly encrypted, and the 2650
uses CHAP, which needs reversibly encrypted

The 5400zl supposedly supports MS-CHAP,
which should work, but I haven't tested
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