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Is it a router issue?

Occasional Contributor

Is it a router issue?

Hello all,
I have two domains NT 4.0 and Win2003 across the router. When I go browse windows networks, I can only see one local domain on each site. Is there any specific configuration on the router should be done that I would see both domains on both sites?
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance!!
Jonathan Axford
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Re: Is it a router issue?


I would imagine that it has something to do with NetBIOS not being able to cross the router boundary. NetBIOS is a broadcast protocol which would be dropped by default. As far as i know windows uses NetBIOS for populating the 'My Network Places' folder.

You would need to use a Wins Server to do the NetBIOS name resolution for you, That way it becomes unicast and csn cross the router.

Where there is a will there is a way...
Chan 007
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Re: Is it a router issue?


Netbios nneds to be bound over the TCP/IP.

All you need to do is just use ping command from once domain to the other server.

if that is not working just add the router using the followinf command.

route add

check that route is added by route -p

once you have done that then your network will be able to see the others...

To do that from windown GUI use the TCP/IP and go in for properties..!!