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Is it possible

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Occasional Contributor

Is it possible

Extreme newbie here, but I have to ask.
I have a 2626 j4900b. H_10_35 software.

I want to put 4 VLANS on it:
VLAN 1 Management
VLAN 100 Servers
VLAN 200 Workstations
VLAN 300 Printers

The switch IP is
Default Gateway is a linksys router linked to port 26

When they all are on VLAN1 (every device) all is well, they can all ping each other, get on the internet, etc.

When I add the VLANS,I give the follwing addresses:


All VLAN ports are divided up: (ie VLAN 1 is ports 19-26, VLAN 2 is ports 13-18, VLAN 3 is ports 7-12, and VLAN 4 is ports 1-6)

All ports are untagged in their respective VLANs. With the inception of the newly created VLANs, all I can do is ping back and forth to the VLAN ips, but nothing else. To add to my confusion none can get on the internet. I have them all on static IPs in their Vlans with the default gateway pointing to the VLAN IP Address of each group. IP Routing is enabled on the switch

My BIG question: Can this 2626 route between these VLANS?? If so, what am I missing?
Is this switch not capable of such a task and I need a true full layer 3 switch to do my routing? I have an Olicom 8720 Full layer 3 switch that says it can route between vlans if this is the case. SPECS are Here:


I'm sure cofiguring it will not be fun as I am only familiar with HP products.

Thanks to all who can offer any advice.

Yang Yu_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: Is it possible

switch 2626 do support simple layer 3 routing, simply turn on "ip routing" in configuration mode will allow routing in VLANs to be possible. Issue command "show ip" to verify the result.
Joel Belizario
Trusted Contributor

Re: Is it possible

Unfortunately on HP switches there is a restriction that does not allow a default gateway and IP routing to be enabled at the same time.

If you do a "show ip route" it will probably show you that your default gateway is defined but IP routing is disabled.

Remove the default gateway entry in the config and use a static route of instead.

I have seen the switches spit an error when I tried to enable both functions but I have also seen it accept both commands without an error (and other people on this forum have too).

Good luck!
Mohieddin Kharnoub
Honored Contributor

Re: Is it possible


Do 3 things to make your system work:

1- Enable IP routing: Switch(config)#ip routing
2- Add a default route to the linksys router:
Switch(config)#ip route
3- In yoru linksys router, add a 3 static routes for Vlan2,3,4 Subnets with gateway
So it should be like this:

ip route
ip route
ip route

Advice: try to avoid using public IP Addresses.

Good Luck !!!
Science for Everyone
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Re: Is it possible

Everyone who answered gets points on this one! All these answers worked. Sorry If my points are not looking right, this is my first post. I would like to thank all of you for responding so quickly with such great answers. I hope I can help others with my limited experience on these forums.