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Issue with Baseline Switch 2226 Plus randomly dropping network connections

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Issue with Baseline Switch 2226 Plus randomly dropping network connections

Hi, We have a customer who started to experience network connection issues for every PC on the LAN. We diagnosed the switch which they had been using for approx 4 years prior to this and duly went to site and installed a loan unit which was a more modern gigabit 3com switch.

The faulty switch was then replace by 3com with the same model switch however when this was installed back onsite the issues started to occur again within hours the loan switch had been working with no issues for approx 2 weeks prior to this. So we re-installed our loan switch and the trouble stopped again, we then changed the loan for a different model as it was needed elsewhere and again they have had no trouble with this switch. The replacement unit 3com sent was re-installed alongside the loan unit and the customer was asked to transfer all the cables from the loan switch to the replacement unit one per day, when she moved one of the cables they started having trouble again so she moved it back and all was ok however they then started having trouble even though nothing else had changed (she had not moved any cables for a few days prior to moving this one as she was not in work). They are at present all plugged in to the loan switch but I have no idea whether this is a device on the LAN that only affects the model of switch they have or if perhaps the replacement unit is also faulty?


Any help or advice would be appreciated.