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J4908A in 4108gl does not get up

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J4908A in 4108gl does not get up


I´ve got trouble with a J4908A Module (10/100/1000 x 20) for 4108gl.
The switch is not able to get the slot with the module ready. I tried different slots and different Firmware (7.63 and 7.70) releases.
At the module check, all lights are on, but the switch does not check each port (the blinking of each port in sequenz). After three times all lights on, the switch marks the module as "fault". The log says "chassis: unable to download to slot A. Please remove card"
Is there anything I can do on myself without calling HP?!

Jim Smith_19
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Re: J4908A in 4108gl does not get up


According to the specs, if you have a 1000Base-T mini-GBIC (J8177B) installed in one of the open slots, you must have code G.07.69 or better. Also, only one is allowed in this module. If you have any GBIC's installed, try removing them from the ports in the J4908A and see if the module will come up.

A max of 16 mini-GBICs are allowed in the switch; if the two included in the 4908 module puts you over the 16-port switch limit, this may also cause a problem. If you can take another module out containing GBIC slots, try removing it and then seeing if the 4908 module will come up. I'm unsure of what happens if you have more than 16 mini-GBIC slots, even if some of them are unpopulated - just a thought. Good luck!

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Re: J4908A in 4108gl does not get up


thanks for the answer.
I just spoke to HP. The Module seems to be faulty.
I tried nearly everything. With GBic, without GBic, new Firmware, old Firmware, even the jumper on the module (debug and dump). Bud the switch wasn´t able to start the module.

Regards Juergen