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Jet Direct

Jeremy Myhre
Occasional Contributor

Jet Direct


I have an HP Jet Direct unit that is set for DHCP at the moment. The DHCP server has crashed and it is no longer to obtain an IP address.

Is there a way to reset the Jet Direcy box so that it comes back with a standard IP address? I cannot telnet to change anything since it does not have a valid IP.

Thanks for any help you can provide.
Arimo Laine_2
Valued Contributor

Re: Jet Direct


Wrong forum and it's long time since I've done this... but if I remember correctly you reset the JD box this way:

Remove the power
Re-plug the power with the button (don't remember what's the label anymore...) pressed and keep the button down for 15 sec

If the device doesn't get IP address from DHCP server, after approx 5 minutes it will default to (I think...)

Jeremy Myhre
Occasional Contributor

Re: Jet Direct

Thank you very much.

Heh Sorry for posting in the wrong forum.