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KVM switch CAC enabled?

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KVM switch CAC enabled?

Got a couple of questions on a KVM switch p/n: 262585-b21, spare 286598-001 or 340387-001 using CAT5 cables w/16 ports.

1. Can the KVM switch be CAC (Common Access Card/Common Access Control) enabled? This is for military sites and is starting to become more and more common. If not looks like they have to hook up a USB CAC reader to every single server in the rack.

2. Can SUN blade servers 240 series and 440 series us this KVM or is there a special cable that will work or do they have to use a seperate SUN Microsystems switch to view the servers?
Rich S
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Re: KVM switch CAC enabled?

Hi Kunishiqe,

I work with CAC readers and yes you can use a KVM switch for the CAC reader. As long as you have the correct software.

Sorry I do not have an answer for your second question.


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