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LLDP - What about 9300s and 9400s?

Jason Scott
Regular Advisor

LLDP - What about 9300s and 9400s?

With the recent announcement of CDP and FDP being phased out of most of Procurve's networking line what will happen for the 9300 and 9400 series boxes? There has been no similar announcement for these to support LLDP.

We are in the situation that after upgrading, we'll have no visibility of neighbouring switches in our network (we have 2 9300s and 1 9400 in our core).

I thought that HP had moved away from taking Foundry's kit as is and actually developed the software themselves. If this is true why no announcement?
Sergej Gurenko
Trusted Contributor

Re: LLDP - What about 9300s and 9400s?

As far as I know LLDP with 9300/9400 is "under investigations". I think that mean HP pushing Foundry to put it on the top of priority list. Firmware for HP and Foundry are pretty the same. There are some features 9300/9400 series supports, but HP did not promote actively.