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LLDP and my network...

Jonathan Axford
Trusted Contributor

LLDP and my network...

Hi all,

I have noticed that 3the network map section of Procurve manager has lost most of its connections, leaving the majority of the switches in the 'un-mapped' area at the bottom.

I have also updated all of the switches in the network to the latest software versions. Is this to do with the support for CDP being removed and LLDP being introduced?

Most of the switches in the network connect through 9300 switches, do these support LLDP?

Any ideas and info would be much appreciated,

Where there is a will there is a way...
Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: LLDP and my network...

My understanding of the 9300 is that it sends and recieves FDP (foundry discovery) packets, but only receives CDP.

The rest of the ProCurve family now send and receive LLDP and receive CDP.

So in the setup where you have grey ProCurve switches connecting into a 9300, I can imagine seeing the same problem that you are.

The latest software for the 9300 didn't add LLDP either unfortunately.

I'm not sure exactly how Openview NNM draws maps but I have a feeling it's slightly more clever and relies on the Bridge-MIB instead. It's something I've been planning on testing for a while now...

From the PCM+ description:

Topology mapping: When integrated with NNM, ProCurve Manager Plus will provide ProCurve device icons to the NNM topology map. The NNM topology map will be the primary mapping mechanism, with the option to launch the ProCurve Manager map views as well. This allows easy identification of ProCurve devices and allows the user, via right mouse selection, to retrieve a ProCurve Manager Plus map of all selected ProCurve devices.

If you have a large enough network to warrant the cost of NNM then I'd investigate this option. You can also download NNM trial software.
Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: LLDP and my network...

Just noticed this as well confirming my theory:


LLDP-capable devices connected directly to 93xx devices may not map properly. Using a CDP-capable device between the 93xx and LLDP-capable device will resolve the problem.

Hopefully a true solution isn't too far away.