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Lan error - I/O card not ready 0E

Todd Luther
Occasional Contributor

Lan error - I/O card not ready 0E

Ok I have 2 printers connected to the network, there was an issue with one of them yesterday but the other was working fine, now today neither work.

One is an HP LaserJet 8000Dn and the other a HP LJ8100. When I do a printer configuration for both of them, I get the IP addresses, but I am unable to ping them "Request time out" message.

On the configuration page I am also getting the subject message. My network statistics are all reading zeros.

Im not a network expert by large, but he quit a few days ago so Im left with it. The other printers on the network work fine, just these two.

I have swapped cables to the wall jacks, changed out the hub, changed out cables on the patch panel, restarted the printers numerous times, now connected the printers from the patch panel directly to the switch, still nothing.

Please help...email me at: Todd_Luther@assurant.com

Jerome Henry
Honored Contributor

Re: Lan error - I/O card not ready 0E

Try to :

- ping the printers and look at the led on their NIC : if it blinks, then signal is received. If nothing happens, then chances are good that their NIC is out !

- INstall them directly behind a LPT1 and see if they print. So you'll know if it's the NIC itself or another internal stuff.


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Re: Lan error - I/O card not ready 0E

Are you using HP WebAdmin? If you are then there would be some record of these printers in there somewhere - if not, go back to basics and only have TCP/IP as the protocol and get rid of everything else. Good Luck.
Network saturation J2524
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Re: Lan error - I/O card not ready 0E

1. Do you use SWTs with management and VLAN capability? Tell us the type of SWT you use.

2. Do you use VLANs on your SWTs?

3. Do you use only one IP subnet per VLAN?

4. Make sure the printers are in the correct VLAN: If your printer has a fixed IP address of say and it is plugged in a port in the VLAN that carries the subnet, then you will get RTO answers from ping. Find a free port in the VLAN that carries the subnet and plug the printer in it.

5. If don't have such free ports left, take the MAC -LAN hardware- addresses from the printed configuration pages and search the MACs in the SWT. If you can't find them on any port of any your SWTs, then your printers are not connected to the network: check cables, connectors, jacks. If you find them, write down the port ID and configure the ports to be in the VLAN that carries the subnet.

6. Do you use a print server to manage your printers?
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Re: Lan error - I/O card not ready 0E

BTW: where did you get this message from:
"Lan error - I/O card not ready 0E"?