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Layer 3 switching

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Layer 3 switching

Hi all

I am using 2 HP 5304 L3 switch & trying to configure OSPF routing .i need to know whether HP switch's support zero support,ifso what's the command to enable that.i tried my best it's not accepting.
Joaquin Gil de Vergara
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Re: Layer 3 switching

i think is
# conf t

ip subnet-zero

setting OSPF is like a cisco router!
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Re: Layer 3 switching


The IP Subnet Zero command applies to Cisco boxes or 93XX but not the 53XX. I just configured ( which is 1 Bit for Subnetting and the 53XX (E.07.30) accepts it. SO what range were you trying to configure? What was the error message?

Thanks, Ardon
ProCurve Networking Engineer
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Re: Layer 3 switching

IP-subnet zero ,i tried already but it's not picking up.even i upgraded the flash to the latest version E_07_30.

Is it advisable to use zero subnet?