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Lifetime Warranty Limitations

Occasional Advisor

Lifetime Warranty Limitations

Hi all,

just a couple of questions concerning the lifetime guarantee(which I only needed once yet and it worked perfectly fine):

* "as long as you own the product", does that mean that if I sell older equipment(e.g. the 2524 switches that we replaced with 2650 a few months ago) that the warranty will completely expire?
* If not: can I have a switch replaced in germany that was bought in the USA?

Thanks in advance & best regards,
Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: Lifetime Warranty Limitations

I thought once upon a time that the warranty was also non-transferrable, but according to the warranty booklet, the new owner will take on the full lifetime warranty:


Also, warranty replacements between different countries is fine according to this booklet.

Esteemed Contributor

Re: Lifetime Warranty Limitations

Hi Nico,

Matt provided the warranty link, you just have to remeber that "Lifetime" in Germany is 30 years due to German law restrictions.

The only possible limitation is that for poweradapters you can only get the ones that are used in the country where you call support (no American or UK adapters etc. in Germany), but on the other hand you would not need them.