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Lifetime warranty

Mark Landin
Valued Contributor

Lifetime warranty

Is the lifetime warranty available on the 4000m/8000m switches still in effect if I buy the unit from a 3rd party?
Mark Landin
Valued Contributor

Re: Lifetime warranty

I realize that wasn't totally clear. I am buying the unit USED. Does the lifetime warranty transfer?
Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: Lifetime warranty



Note the little "1" next to the Lifetime. Down at the bottom we see:

1 for as long as you own the product.

So my interpretation would be: There is no lifetime warranty on used equipment. This interpretation is strengthened by the statement further down on the same page:

"When you call, please have the following information available:

product number (for example, HP J3200A)
serial number (for example, serial number US41400480) or date code (for example, A-3802-D3)
complete description of the product failure
proof of purchase of your product"

Note the last requirement for: proof of purchase. To be 100% positive you would need to call HP and ask them but I think you are out of luck.