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Limit traffic quota

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Limit traffic quota

I am running a Procurve 2524 in a location with a monthly provider limit of 5GB. I would like to share this limit across four parties in the location. Each party has 6 RJ45 ports out of a total of 24 RJ45 ports on the 2524 device. Each of the four groups of 6 RJ45 ports should get a traffic limit of 1.5GB per months. At 1GB per month I would like to limit the bandwidth assigned to the RJ45 port group of that party. How can I setup this configuration scenario on the Procurve 2524?
Mohammed Faiz
Honored Contributor

Re: Limit traffic quota

In brief, you can't. The Procurve 2524 is not a bandwidth management appliance.
What you need is something like a NetEnforcer or a PacketShaper: