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Link between 4000m and 4148GL

Frank Ritter
Occasional Contributor

Link between 4000m and 4148GL

Hi, i have a problem with an Procurve 4000M an an Procurve 4148GL. In the 4000M fits an J4113A Gigabit SX Fiber Modul and in the 4148GL an J4893A (mini GBIC module) with six J4858A Modules. I cannot establish an link between this two switches. Can anyone tell me the reason? There are both SX modules an the cables are new. Firmware is the newest from the HP page.
Arimo Laine_2
Valued Contributor

Re: Link between 4000m and 4148GL


I assume that you've already tested with a known good fiber.

First check the link settings. I'd advise to configure the ports on both switches to Autonegotiating mode instead of fixed speed / duplex setting. This way the switches can negotiate about the traffic mode. The new firmwares do not allow link to establish at all on a Duplex Mismatch -situation.

If this doesn't help, try to move first the module in 4000M to another slot. If this doesn't help, move the cable on 4108 to another miniGBIC, preferably test with a GBIC which you know to be working correctly. Also test a known good link in the failing port.

Also test moving the whole miniGBIC module to another slot in switch chassis.

Moving things one by one and noting down if the error moves you should be able to pinpoint where the actual failure happens.

Frank Ritter
Occasional Contributor

Re: Link between 4000m and 4148GL

Hi, that fix the problem. The Autonegotiation was the problem. I set the negotiation to manual an then all works fine. Thanks for the hint.

Sandra Ferrero_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: Link between 4000m and 4148GL

Have you check if you have TX in one switch connected to RX in the other switch?