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Linux Workstation Configuration for VLAN?

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Linux Workstation Configuration for VLAN?

Hello, I have set up a vlan in a ProCurve 5400 switch, with just two workstations attached (I'm just getting started).

But I can't seem to get the traffic from one of the workstations to the other.

I can ping both wkstns from the switch, and the switch from both of the wkstns, but not from wkstn1 to wkstn2.

In the switch I did:

vlan 20
untagged a1,a2
ip address

And on the workstations:

ifconfig eth1

eth0 is already setup and that's where I can access the machine.

Any tips about this? I'm not really sure where I have messed up. Most probably in the routes of the Linux machines. I tried with and without setting a route, and had the same results.

I enabled a management vlan on the switch and I got connection filtered messages on the ping side.

I just want to have traffic flowing between the workstations connected to the switch and in a specific vlan.

Thanks a lot for any hints.
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Re: Linux Workstation Configuration for VLAN?

For some reason, it started working on its own. Maybe a delay in the switch configuration?