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Load Balancing - 4160gl

Matthew Gough
Occasional Visitor

Load Balancing - 4160gl

I have a Procurve 4160gl which has 3 20 Gig-T gl modules installed. Is it possible to load balance across the mimi-GBIC Gig ports back to the server room?

Also this switch has been operating as the core switch, but is being reloacted so we will require a new HP core - cost is the key so what HP core should I be looking at?

Will require at least 24 Gig ports plus the fibre ports on the core.
Mohieddin Kharnoub
Honored Contributor

Re: Load Balancing - 4160gl


I believe the question is not clear but anyway

Load balancing can be done from the Servers by teaming the NICs, and can be done from the Switches side by making a trunk.

If you want to load balance between 2 switches then the 4100 is a bad choice, because its only supports RSTP spanning tree (layer2) and no layer3 redundancy.

But you can still create a trunk between the switches (with your fiber links) and the 4100 will distribute the traffic between the links of the same trunk group based on the source/destination address.


Good Luck !!!
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