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Load balancing/traffic shaping


Load balancing/traffic shaping

Does anyone know some easy-to-implement solution for the following problem:

* got a x3Mb leased line
* want to allocate x1Mb to one customer
* x2Mb to another customer

I probalby could maybe use some box (like NetEnforcer from Allot etc.)? Could this be achieved by utilising a switch? or a Linux box with software load balancing and several nics?

Thanks for your inputs.

Rgds marco
Jeff Brownell
Valued Contributor

Re: Load balancing/traffic shaping

not sure what your "leased lines" are or how you plan on "allocating" but if you are trying to do bandwidth allocation the ProCurve 7000dl series procurve wan routers have this capability with traffic shaping on the up and coming SROS J.03.01 SW release...

Re: Load balancing/traffic shaping

Dear Jeff!

Thanks for the answer. Currently we are using a linux box to play the router, i.e. one possibility is to add NICs and then do the traffic shaping via software per card.

The Procurve router thing is an alternative though. Final decision will certainly be judged by stability and cost.


John Collier
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Load balancing/traffic shaping


It has been a while since you posted to this thread. I am hoping that you have had time to explore the different options available and would be willing to share your experience with the rest of us.

Just for the record, what Linux did you choose for this? Were you able to get the results you wanted with the Linux or did you go a different direction?

Any and all information you would be willing to share on this would be of interest.

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