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Lock down snmp on brocade?

Trever Furnish
Regular Advisor

Lock down snmp on brocade?

I'm having an unexpectedly difficult time finding out how to allow SNMP queries of my new Brocade switches without allowing write access (sets). Can someone point me in the right direction?

What I want to end up with is this:

1. The only systems that should be able to query the switch are and They should query using a community named "foo". Neither of these should be able to write to the swtich -- read-only.

2. The switch should send traps to SIM or some other trapd -- let's call it

3. Nothing else should be able to talk snmp to the switch.

On Cisco switches configuring this is brain-dead simple. On the Brocade I was expecting something similar, but instead I'm mired in the "Fabric OS MIB Reference". Help! :-)
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