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Looking for sample configs for 2910 and 5400

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Looking for sample configs for 2910 and 5400

I am in the process of configuring some new switches

2 5412's for the internal network and a 2910 for the DMZ. I will have mutliple VLANs on each which is the easy part but if possible I am looking for some sample / example configs so that I can compare to what I have set up to make sure I am not missing anything.

Any configs that you can provide would be helpful as I am not completely familiar with some of the features and routing protocols in these devices.

Everything seems to be working, I am just sure that it can be done better.

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Re: Looking for sample configs for 2910 and 5400

Mohammed Faiz
Honored Contributor

Re: Looking for sample configs for 2910 and 5400


I don't have the time at the moment to sanitise a full config but here's a recent set of additions I made to a basic config on our new 8206's:


crypto key generate ssh rsa bits 2048
crypto key generate cert 1024

crypto host-cert generate self-signed

no web-management plaintext
web-management ssl

ip ssh
aaa authentication ssh login local
ip ssh filetransfer
no telnet

ip authorized-managers x.x.x.x

console inactivity-timer 120

snmp-server community MY_COMMUNITY unrestricted
snmp-server community public restricted

snmp-server host x.x.x.x public all

sntp server priority 1 x.x.x.x
sntp server priority 2 x.x.x.x
timesync sntp
time daylight-time-rule western-europe

interface loopback 1 ip address x.x.x.x
interface loopback 1 ip ospf x.x.x.x area backbone