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Lost of connectivity

Phil Daws_5
Occasional Advisor

Lost of connectivity


we have just put two DL585s and a DL380 onto a Cisco 3750 which has 4 other 3750s stackwised. the servers have been added to their own VLAN but every few minutes we can no longer ping the servers.

i have checked the mac address table and the correct MACs for the servers are being reported.

the only way to get the connectivity back is to clear the arp cache.

any ideas? it only seems to be happening for the new servers (G3s).

Jeff Brownell
Valued Contributor

Re: Lost of connectivity

check for latest drivers on proliant NIC's. can you ping from the cisco to the proliant servers when problem happens? can ProLiant servers ping each other within same vlan? if so, can a desktop/laptop ping the ProLiant servers if plugged into the switch in the same vlan as the servers? o you have any other types of switches (procurve, etc.) to test with to see if problem remains? If you can isolate the problem to the servers or cisco this would give you heavy ammo to place a support call to the applicable vendor (hp ot cisco)..
Phil Daws_5
Occasional Advisor

Re: Lost of connectivity

Hi Jeff,

when the problem occurs you cannot ping them from the switch, yet the servers can ping each other. when it happens again I shall check what the arp entry on the servers is for the default gateway.