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Low window

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Low window

we connected a DLink Print Server to the HP RP7400 on UX 11. When Print Server sent tcp window =0 (Record #163, the HP server still keep on sending a 1 byte packet to the Print server, and eventually the Print Server recover it's buffer (window=2097), and this time the HP Server had a window=0, and the tcp session hangup, thus spool queue suspended... Please advice what could be the problem on the HP server ?

Attached please see a Agilent SW Ethernet LAN data captured.


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Re: Low window

1. You only attached first 52 records of the capture: I can't see #163 - probably your file was > 1MB.

2. Your devices never agreed on window size: HP server suffocated the print server - buggy implementation of the TCP/IP stack on the print server?

3. Is this the first time this error appeared - but you were able to print, using the same configuration, previously?

4. The UX11 works OK with other print servers?

5. The print server works OK on other machines?

6. Is this the right forum for you to post your trouble? Have you tried other forums on this site?