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Lucent V.92 Modem not responding

Ronald Nigh
Occasional Visitor

Lucent V.92 Modem not responding

I have "Call Waiting with Caller ID" and my modem is not responding to incoming calls when I am on the internet.

I do not know what is to happen.

Does the phone ring?
Does the Windows XP software put up an info window that I have an incoming call?

I can not find any "call waiting" setting in the Lucent LT Data/Fax modem to set for call waiting besides "turning off call waiting".

My ISP "Netzero" had me put "AT&F S10=1" under Extra settings, but this did not work.

I have software version 8.28 which states that it corrects the call waiting problem.

My PC is a HP Pavilion 763n model.

Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: Lucent V.92 Modem not responding

AT&F resets the modem to factory defaults so is probably not going to help. ATS10=1 will tell your modem to hangup if you get a line glitch such as call waiting. Actually I thought that you were supposed to leave off the AT part of the command when you added them in Advanced so try just S10=1 and make sure your dialler program modem does not disable call waiting. Usually if you tell it you have call waiting it will send out a command to disable it when it dials. This should cause it to drop the call and allow the telephone to ring when you have a call while on line. IT will just prove that your call waiting is working.

To make your modem understand Caller ID you can turn on

But this should normally be done by the program controlling the modem which should also control how you find out about incoming calls while on line. Does your ISP support V.92 and do you have the latest V.92 aware dialer software from your ISP? Check the log to see if you are setting up at v.92. You may need to Go into Control Panel / Phone and Modems Options / Diagnostics and check "Append to Log" then make a call and after it is done go back and View Log. I think it should show what sort of connection you get. If you can't read the log, post it here and I will look at it.

Agere offers version 8.30 but does not mention V.92 so if you upgraded from the code that came with the modem you may have lost your V.92 capability.