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MAC Table via SNMP

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MAC Table via SNMP

What I want to do is simple (I would think), but after hours of searching google, the HP forums, and MIB browsers, I've not been able to find an answer. I'm looking for a way to get a switches MAC table, not ARP, via SNMP. In other words, I want the same info you get with the "sho mac" CLI command.

If someone would point me in the right direction I'd be greatfull.

Ron Kinner
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Re: MAC Table via SNMP

In hpicfGenRptr.MIB I see:

"hpSecureAuthAddrTable OBJECT-TYPE
MAX-ACCESS not-accessible
STATUS current
"Table containing the authorized addresses for
each port. An authorized address is an address
learned while the hpSecPtLearnMode for the port
is set to learnContinuous, learnFirstN, or
learnFirstNConditionally; or an address in the
hpSecureCfgAddrTable when the hpSecPtLearnMode
for the port is set to configureSpecific.
>>>>>>>>>>On a switch, for ports whose hpSecPtLearnMode
is set to learnContinuous, this table may return
MAC address information based on the switch's
802.1d forwarding database<<<<<<<<<<<"

Which sounds like it might provide what you want.

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Re: MAC Table via SNMP

Is there some kind of trick to getting the HP MIBS to load in anything? Seriously, I've tried no less than 10 different MIB walkers/viewers and not a one of them will load the HP MIBs correctly. This even includes NNM 6.2, an HP product!

Sorry if that sounds like a rant, but I'm completely stumped on getting anything from these MIBs.
Ron Kinner
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Re: MAC Table via SNMP

There should be a .htm file hidden in the MIBs somewhere which give the exact order you have to load the prerequisite MIBs.


Did you find it?


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Re: MAC Table via SNMP

You should not need the enterprise MIB for this.

1 - The Bridge MIB.dot1dTpFdbTable shows MAC addresses indexed by dot1dTpFdbPort.
2 - To translate those index values to real port numbers, look up the above index value in dot1dBasePortTable.dot1dBasePort
3 - The corresponding value in dot1dBasePortIfIndex identifies the port.
4 - For more details of that port, look in