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MAC based Authentication

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Martin Hanspeter
Occasional Advisor

MAC based Authentication


I´ve activated on an HP Procurve 2610-48 PWR the mac-based Authentication with HP IDM and it works fine. Only one device makes troubles.

If i attach the device, is a SPS-Control Panel (Siemens Simatic), the port authenticates successfully but i can not ping the device.
If i attach it, on port without mac-authentication, than i can ping it. A show mac-address gives me two different mac´s on the port, where the devices is attached.

I´ve tried to create users for the two mac-addresses, without success.

Thanks for your help.
Jeff Carrell
Honored Contributor

Re: MAC based Authentication

hmm...why 2 MAC addr from that device??

You might try to up the "client-limit" on that port...the default setting is '1'.

Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: MAC based Authentication

some devices have a "shared management network port" that is : one physical port with two network controllers attached internally.
- one for data
- one for management (frequently web based managment).
Look if your dhcp-server shows a lease for this Mac address.
and open http:// to verify if this is a management interface.

Many servers offer such a shared port.
some of your options are:
- disable the management interface
- configure the management interface to use vlan-tags
- configure the device to use two different physical connections (if present).