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MAC-based VLAN(s)

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MAC-based VLAN(s)

Hi all,

I want to know if anybody else on this forum uses MAC-based assigned VLAN(s)?

So far mine is working ok for the past 5 days I come across problems where the Windows client has problems grabbing a VLAN ID and DHCP address.

Sometimes I also have to disable port access for a specific port and re-enable it again for users to access it.

I do have unmanaged switches plugged in which consume 2 - 3 machines but with addr-limit I assumed this wouldn't be a problem.

If anybody else has any other issues or would like to share some of yours please reply

Usaia Tawakevou
Valued Contributor

Re: MAC-based VLAN(s)


I'm interested in setting this up. WOuld you be able to post a sample configuration that I can go through

Let me know