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MSA SAN 2/8 Integrated Switch

Louann Duchemin
Regular Advisor

MSA SAN 2/8 Integrated Switch

With all the security checks going on, I have a SNMP vulnerability with my switches. SNMP Set Guessable Community and SNMPv1Discovery. How do I go about disabling SNMP and should I on these switches?

What other options do I have?
Valued Contributor

Re: MSA SAN 2/8 Integrated Switch

If you have Storage Area Manager installed,

a.Open Storage Area Manager if it is not already open.

b.Select Tools > Configure.

c.In the Configuration tree, expand the Discovery menu, then select SNMP Discovery Ranges.

d.If necessary, enable/disable the discovery range to include the IP addresses of all switches.

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Louann Duchemin
Regular Advisor

Re: MSA SAN 2/8 Integrated Switch

We are not using the Storage Area Manager. If we need access we telnet to the divice directly or through a Terminal server.